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     ¡ï Distinguish the color track photo-electric eye

    ¡ï  Permanent magnetism and low speed synchronous motor

    ¡ï Ball bearing lead screw

  • Motor đồng bộ cho bộ sàng biên

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    TDY synchronous motor

  • Bộ điều khiển sàng biên ZXTEC-GK71

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     Rectification of the Controller of the current core of more advanced microcontroller centralized control, so that it can choose single-and double-eyes, eyes corrective work alone, an increase of corrective eye response rate regulation can effectively reduce the shock when Rectification And noise, the corrective controller with photoelectric eyes and corrective institutions after the implementation of the paper, films and other materials corrective control, can be widely used in Slitter, printing presses and other machinery and equipment.
     ¡ï built-in intelligent control MCU
     ¡ï corrective response time to adjust
     ¡ï available monocular or corrective eye
     ¡ï with lines and with the self -
     ¡ï provide an external control interface
     Response time:
      1MS-50MS (adjustable)
     Correction accuracy:
      Photoelectric eyes, as determined
     Output power:
      Seized edge / line with the
      Single-electric eyes / double-eye
     External interfaces
      Manual / Auto, the left / right
     Annex (optional):
      Photoelectric eyes, synchronous motor, the ball screw
     Appearance Size:
      190 ¡Á 120 ¡Á 125 (mm) (W ¡Á high ¡Á D)
     Installation size:
      183 ¡Á 112 ¡Á 125 (mm) (W ¡Á high ¡Á D)
     Working voltage:
      AC220V ¡À 15% 50Hz