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Trang chủSản phẩm › Bộ điều khiển lực căng tự động (Auto tension)
  • Bộ điều khiển lực căng bán tự động KTC800A

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    Input: 220VAC, 50 Hz
    Output: 24VDC, 5A

  • Phanh từ tFZ-25A

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    Magnetic brake is based on electromagnetic theory and the use of magnetic torque transmission. Its exciting current and transmission of torque with a linear relationship between the basic features. Has nothing to do with the slip case to pass a certain torque, with fast response, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no shock and vibration energy-saving advantages. Is a multi-purpose, superior performance, the automatic control devices. Is now widely used in papermaking, printing, plastics, rubber, textile, printing, wire and cable, metallurgy, tablet machines, as well as other related processing industries in the release take-up volume and winding tension control. Magnetic brake is also often used to drive mechanical dynamometer load and braking and so on. Magnetic brake and the use of magnetic clutches often paired.

    Uniaxial magnetic brake magnetic brake uses:

    1, the buffer start, stop use: the use of links of the smooth torque characteristics of properties and set up the buffer start and stop.

    2, continuous sliding, tension control with

    3, Used for torque limit

    4, high-speed response with the

    5, power absorption by

    6, positioning to stop using

    7, simulated load with the

    Magnetic brake has the following features:

    1, you can easily carry out a wide range of control.

    2, can achieve a continuous sliding operation.

    3, can be stable torque.

    4, no tweet sound. Action surface stick-slip phenomenon occurred in the friction mode, but this does not appear, and will not send links to sound, so very quiet operation.

    5, heat capacity greatly. Excellent heat resistance due to the use and application of the ideal of the magnetic cooling method, even if the slide is too harsh a continuous operation, and ease to use.

    6, can achieve continuous and smooth-driven state. As the coefficient of static friction and dynamic friction coefficient is almost the same, so a link is not completely a shock, they could be the load plus or minus the speed.

    Magnetic brake Caution:

    1, please note that moisture. Magnetic damp, then performance will become unstable, so be especially careful not to let the oil or moisture intrusion inside. In particular, when installed in the gear box, oil penetrated the internal branch of the Department through the shaft, so to use thin-film completely sealed.

    2, please note that surface temperature. Caused by continuous operation of the surface maximum temperature below 90 degrees when running more than the value, the durability will be greatly reduced. Please be sure to limit the temperature of the above-mentioned criteria, use must be maintained at the rate allowed by the work within the slide.

  • Bộ điều khiển lực căng tự động ZXT-B-600

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    Brief instruction:

    ZXT-B series of automatic tension controller is mainly made up of tension detector, high accuracy A/D, D/A converter and microcomputer of high performance¡­etc. It realizes permanent tension of roll materials according to compare the tension of roll material measured by tension detector with the goal tension of settlement first, then through microcomputer PID operation and adjusting D/A output to change excitation electric current of magnetic powder clutch/ brake or torque of servomotor automatically. The controller can be used in several occasions needed to carry on measuring and controlling accurately with the tension and have application extensively with flexible in usage.

    ¡ï    The LCD can be chosen to show in Chinese or English.

    ¡ï    It is convenience to exchange automatic with manual

    ¡ï    Tension detector is connected up simply and conveniently.

    ¡ï    Set up parameter conveniently.

    ¡ï    It has function of taking the duplex location changes the axle to output.